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Each ceramic piece we create was in the beginning just an idea. We strive to achieve a unique and vintage chic look with some special collections we have. Once an idea is made is time to start working with porcelain.



All of our pieces are handmade. After modeling porcelain we let it dry for 7-10 days. Then comes sanding after follows my favorite part which is painting each porcelain piece. 

When I finish painting we start the first bisque firing.

Porcelain stays in the kiln approximately for 40 hours.

After that, it comes glazing and firing again.

Gold applying is next, as well as the third firing of our pieces.


Considering all of the processes to create something unique and long-lasting we can say that it takes 2-3 weeks to finish the final product.


All of our pieces are now ready to be shipped.

No worries for their safety, as we pack them extremely safely with recyclable honeycomb paper and if needed degradable foam peanuts. 

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